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User Testing

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

After Macworld and a long discussion to reflect, we knew we needed to get to grips with the users and test it out on random people. This coming week we are going to be doing some extensive user testing at our Liverpool office. If in the mean time readers of this blog have any coments about the User Interface and generally using Yuuguu, then go right ahead and comment on here. Alternatively send me an email at

Great people make a great show

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Wow, we met some great people today, all interested in how we do what we do so well at Yuuguu. Dan Miller (Executive Editor, Press) of Macworld turned up for a chat and so did both David Currall (Partnership Manager – Creative Markets, WWDR Europe & MEA) and Dane Riley (System Engineer – Higher Education) from Apple. I also had a good chat on the screen sharing abilities of Yuuguu and some of the cool features we have lined up for 2008, with Jeff Chen (Product Marketing Branded Products) of Western Digital. These are just a hand full of the people we got to talk to today.

We have landed!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

We have been in San Francisco now for one day and today is the big day at Macworld. We have just walked past the all new Mac Book Air product display from Apple and it is like a wafer thin aerodynamic space pod. My hands are now sweaty and wanting to touch but Anish has slid off to take a sneaky peek so i am stuck on the booth.

There is like a low rumble in the air, with anticipation building and some of the stands here are just out of this world. The whole of San Francisco seems to have a surreal Mac identity as every second person is sporting white headphones and.

Anyway the people are flooding in at the gates and Yuuguu is now on trial so i will blog later on today live from MacWorld hopefully with some pics.


A dirty job, but some one has to do it!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Hi all,

Happy New Year! Sorry it has taken a while for me to get on this mother ship but i am on now and will be updating as often as i can along with the rest of the Yuuguu Team.

My name is Neil Kay-Jones and i have been brought on board to help engage with Yuuguu users and offer support or a point of contact for you.

Well enough about me, as you may know we are off to San Francisco on the 14th to the glorious Macworld event where we are one of the “first look” companies to take a sneaky peek at. It’s gonna be a tough job but hey, some one has got to do it, so Anish and I are braving the long days amongst some of the webs most respected people and then mingling our way round the after parties. I will try and blog as mush about this as possible while we are away so you can keep up with our ventures, no matter how mad they get.

Anyway this is really a big hello from me and i look forward to speaking to you all on a regular basis.

Just round the corner!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Lets face it, we’ve all been waiting for it and the wait is nearly over! Web share is coming to Yuuguu and although I can’t say an exact date as it is all hush hush at the moment, take it from me, it won’t be long now.