Signs of a world gone mad, what’s the answer?

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager

It Just shows how much we rely on things we take for granted when 1,200 workers walk out at the Grangemouth oil refinery, over pension disputes. Scotland have already seen their garages run out of petrol and such, sparked scares of the same happening closer to home. Whilst the assurance from ministers seems to do nothing for the general public, reports from my own father over IM states people close to fighting in his local garage due to large cues and possible rationing.

This all seems a bit crazy. I on the other hand sit here quite calm, knowing that i have enough petrol to go to my meeting tomorrow and even if i didn’t i could easily hold my meeting online. Ok, the trains are another option, but what happens when their workers walk out too? Lets face it, we all know there will come the time that we will have no more petrol and while we wait for scientists to produce the new super-fuel on an affordable global scale, we have to look at working a lot smarter than wasting our resources now.

The Smarter way to work!
Why not try introducing Yuuguu into your workplace and try working from home. At first you could try it one day a week and build it up from there. More and more i find myself saving time by holding small meetings online just like you would in the office. I used to travel 80 miles a day, so believe me i know what it is like spending out on ever increasing petrol prices and almost falling asleep at the wheel. I now save 2 hours a day from traveling and over £40 per week, yet i am more productive than ever as i am less tired, more focussed and most of all not sitting on the side of the motorway waiting for the RAC with a puncture whilst my meeting gets re scheduled.

You never know, if more people held meetings online and traveled less for work we could all get more done and save the chance of making a fool of ourselves, fighting over such things as petrol.

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