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Ways to avoid cutting your training budget during the downturn?

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Worries about the state of the economy are doubtless causing businesses to look at ways to cut cost. At my last company, one of the areas that was quickest in attracting Finance Director’s red pen was the training budget.  This was never a popular move and thankfully there are ways to avoid it.

Any investment in training is in time as well as money, so keep the time that’s been allocated and avoid the cost.  There are loads of opportunities for self-teaching at little or no cost and reserving specific time slots for self-development means that people will take time out of their usual work day.

There are lots of skills within any company that can be shared.  This internal training can be rewarding for both parties.  At uSwitch we introduced lunchtime learning sessions, where functional specialists would share their knowledge with other people.  It was optional, informal and very popular.

Cut out unnecessary travelling costs.  I heard recently about one of our customers who uses Yuuguu to train hotel reception staff in different European cities.   This saves time and money in an area where ongoing training is really important to keep customers happy.  You can read some more thoughts about using Yuuguu for training.  

Do you have any tips to add to my list?