A big thank you: Yuuguu Plus subscriber number one!

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

It’s a great day here at Yuuguu: we’d like to give a big thank you to our very first subscriber to Yuuguu Plus!

We were especially pleased by when it happened. ‘Subscriber One’ signed up literally minutes after setting the new Yuuguu Plus service live. We’ve had more since then, but number one really is the start of a new era of Yuuguu.

We’ve always known that the free version of Yuuguu was popular. Our usage stats show it is getting more popular as time goes by. But there is something very special about someone having enough faith in us and our service to put their money where their mouth is. From all the team – our greatest thanks to you.

If we were a more traditional sort of company, we’d probably ship you some tacky gift like a pen or a mug with a cheesy slogan on it… but if you’re using Yuuguu, you’re probably forward thinking enough to not want one.

It seems a long time ago since Anish, Philip and Chris got fed up of having to rent meeting rooms just to work together, and decided to do something about it. Three years or so later, and Yuuguu is clearly helping the wave of next-generation businesses. It’s helping consultants consult, salespeople sell and remote helpdesks help. It’s enabling people who normally could not afford to work together to combine their ideas and create what only they can. It’s removing miscommunication. It’s enabling a whole different way of thinking about how business can start up and operate.

In fact, if you have the seed of an idea, and you know “just the person, but … they live so far away” then go on! Download Yuuguu today, and see if you can do your own bit of recession beating. You’ll never know until you give it a try. Using Yuuguu will cut your startup costs down to where there’s almost no risk …

We look forward to hearing more of your success stories about the things you bring into being using Yuuguu.

And we hope our low-cost service will enable you to do even more, and more easily, for a long time to come.

Thanks once again from all at Yuuguu!

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