Further chances of snow – costs more than you think!

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager

With reports of snow increasing this week, i’m wondering what people would do if we had this for more than the 2 weeks maximum a year. But when it does happen i have to say it is a great feeling knowing that i only have to go to the home office and carry on my work in the same way as i would do by traveling to our central offices.

I also wonder what the cost is to companies who’s employees are late for work or even do not get there at all and are not set up to work from home. In this day and age your work should be so mobile that you can take it with you where ever you go. Organisations should be doing far more for parents who are rushing around in these conditions to get their children to school on time or having to nurse when they are sick which from my experience right now in time is an absolute cert for them to be ill when the elements are most against us.

One of my top tips that i bet is overlooked by a lot of small to medium sized companies is to have everyone working on a laptop each, not the usual office Dell desktop because they are less than £300 all in, but invest in a laptop and install with Yuuguu for free or a small paid for subscription for enhanced features and I bet that within a year the extra money spent on each machine would be peanuts compared to the cost of time saved for a whole number of reasons than just the snow.

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