Here’s an office idea that floats our boat

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager

Fed up of the view out of your window? Here’s a novel idea for cheap office space: use spare berths in marinas as floating offices. This could be a really unique and inspirational place to meet or work. The economics of it are a bit puzzling – I hadn’t associated anything to do with berthing boats as being “cheap” and I guess not everybody would be happy with bobbing up and down all day! That aside, it’d make a great change from most office environments.

Making good use of inaccessible areas where waters are two shallow for boats, the H2Office allows for up to two people to work in comfort.  It’s all about the lifestyle, housing a sleek breakout area for small meetings with a large ocean view and boasting an impressive sundeck with seating and amenities. Fold away bunks are conveniently stored for those late working nights, and if you fancy saving some money on traveling to work then the small tender “dock” / bathing platform is a great addition if you have your own kayak or inflatable boat handy.

This shows just one of the ways in which people are really thinking about the future of where and how we work. What’s more, these guys are in Cardiff, UK!

Maybe you’ve got your own ideas for new office space for the future or have seen a good website on this subject, if so then post it here and we can all take a look.

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