The ultimate portable hard drive

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager

The new Terminator Salvation film is not due in cinemas until May but one person has made his own cyborg prosthetics. Meet Jerry Jalava, the Finnish programmer with more than the average skills. Following a motorbike accident, and the loss of his finger, doctors joked that he should have a usb “Finger drive”.  Last posted on Flickr on the 10th March, Jerry has created a prosthetic finger with a 2Gb USB drive, accessed by peeling back the nail.

The BBC website claims “Mr Jalava says he is already thinking about upgrading the finger to include more storage and wireless technology.” Whilst according to his latest post on his blog,, Jerry states “Currently I have Billix , CouchDBX and Ajatus installed inside it. I’m planning to use the other prosthetic as a shell for the next version, which will have removable fingertip and RFID tag.”

Here at Yuuguu we wish him the best of luck with his new projects and love the fact that Jerry Jalava has turned an unfortunate accident into something that truly is a work-life integration.

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