5 reasons to use online meeting services every day

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager

Why pay a monthly fee, only to use your online meeting service once a week or even once a month? Services such as Yuuguu offer a more collaborative way of working for remote teams, teleworkers or even working within the same building.

Saving powerful technology for scheduled online meetings is one use but make your monthly subscription become invaluable to the way you conduct business by taking advantage of the tools and features for everyday use. Here are my top five reasons for using online meeting tools everyday.

1. Productivity - Get it done there and then! Team Yuuguu believe in a proactive attitude towards online collaboration and shorter interactions. Instead of preparing for scheduled meetings, working this way maintains our focus on the tasks at  hand keeping our productivity levels high.

2. Build your private network - Your online meeting service should allow you to build your own private network of clients and colleagues for online collaboration. ‘Presence status’ within Yuuguu enables you to see when your contacts are online. This is a great asset to your working day, having the ability to contact clients direct whilst online and vice versa can increase your repeat business and strengthen your client relationships.

3. Security - Talking to our customers found that many of them share confidential documents and have private instant chat discussions. Choosing Yuuguu to share their screen and work collaboratively on these sensitive documents has proven far more secure than having multiple versions on email. Sending Instant messages to their private Yuuguu network of colleagues and clients ensures that they are not overheard when working remotely.

4. Collaboration in real time – Describing what is on your screen to a person not in the same room is hard, but actually describing how to do something on another person’s computer is even harder. Your online meeting service may have the ability to control another person’s keyboard and mouse just like Yuuguu, allowing you to show exactly what to do whilst the other person can watch your actions in real time. This is great for remote support and online demonstrations of software or simply working on the same document in remote teams over the internet.

5. Multiple contacts on multiple networks - With so many services for online meetings, Instant messaging and collaboration tools, it’s hard to know which to choose. Yuuguu turns your existing AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Live Messenger contacts into a business network that you can work with over the internet by importing them directly into your  Yuuguu contacts list.

We still have weekly management meetings (‘We like to keep those short too’) and Yuuguu is ideal for meetings of that type with its integrated global conferencing service but it is all to easy to think of your online meeting services for scheduled online meetings only. Don’t miss out on a smarter way of using the tools you pay for each month.

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