Doomi a to-do list that actually works!

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager

doomi-logoFed up of deleting old to-do lists after forgetting you ever created them? Why not set a timer on your tasks with the nifty little Adobe Air app named Doomi.

Doomi claims “Dead simple to-do’s. Designed to stay out of your way, easy to use and look pretty.” They’re not wrong!

Doomi a to-do list application built in Adobe AirForget the usual hassle of creating and managing lists, Doomi lets you reorganize your to-do’s via ‘drag and drop’, set custom remind times and keep a record of old to-do’s.

Taken from the Doomi website “Doomi was designed from the ground up to stay out of your way and out of your browser. It has all the features you use, and none of the ones you don’t.” One thing i wont miss is deciding what priority status to set a task, the single most annoying feature in many list building applications.

Doomi obviously has future plans which include offline/online synchronization and customization of your color scheme, but this is one hell of a tool that i will continue to use.

Given the size of the company (One guy named John) this is a great example of how breaking the mold can produce something quite special.

If you want to stick with your old way of working then there are loads to choose from but here are a few: ForcedoRemeber the milkGmail TasksTudumor

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