Top 100 jobs to consider outsourcing

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager


Increase your team’s skill set and complete your existing projects when full time employment is not an option. Hiring ‘remote workers‘ can make perfect business sense. ‘Too much to do and not enough time to do it’ is a phrase we hear many times. Elance comes to the rescue with their top 100 jobs to outsource and here’s our pick of the bunch.

Taken from the Elance website, here’s my pic of jobs:

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
‘The old axiom “If you build it, they will come,” doesn’t apply here. Search engine placement is critical to anyone with a website; even if you do build it, they won’t come if they can’t find you. Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists help your site gain high rankings. The algorithms change constantly so techniques naturally evolve – unless you’re in the web field you’re unlikely to have the necessary skills.’

Search engine marketing (SEM) is also a specialized field. It can take days, months and years of expertise to write effective ads, place your banners on the right sites, set up effective affiliate programs, or manage your pay-per-click programs so you get the most visitors and more importantly conversions.’

Skilled providers can do that for you – plus they can keep track of new developments and trends in the SEO and SEM fields.’

Virtual assistants
‘As your business grows so does your workload; especially your administrative workload. Time spent on administrative tasks is time you can’t spend continuing to grow your business. Instead of hiring employees, you can effectively multiply your staff by hiring a virtual assistant, either for a one-time project or for ongoing, long-term support.’

Virtual assistants can take on almost any business or personal task, whether it’s traditional office support or website maintenance and updates. They can handle word processing, answering phones, paying bills, scheduling appointments, maintaining appointment schedules, even ordering flowers or making dinner reservations. A good virtual assistant can go beyond administrative support and help develop new clients and provide marketing support.’

Mobile Applications
‘Either you yourself or someone you know owns an iPhone, BlackBerry, gPhone, or Windows Mobile phone. Mobile applications are proving to be big revenue streams for businesses, and the market is only going to grow bigger. Whether you’ve got a clever idea for the next killer iPhone app or you want to bring your useful desktop application into a mobile form, an Elance provider can create exactly what you’re looking for.’

Do your research
Hiring remote workers is similar to hiring full time employees so here’s some quick steps to consider.

1. Feedback – What did others think? Elance provides feedback information from clients.
2. Is their price realistic – An hourly rate is a good measure but how many hours will take to complete the project?
3. Are they willing to use technology to collaborate over the internet – build this in as a project work flow with milestones for communication to ensure your project runs smoothly.
4. Portfolio – Does their work suit what you are looking for on your project.
5. Do they work as part of a team or alone – Different skills may require different people to hire. If this is the case then hiring a team that already work together on projects may be a better way to go.

See the full list of outsourcing opportunities on Elance’s website.

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