Yahoo builds Twitter trend monitor as Sideline

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager

sideline-yahoo-logoReal-time Twitter trend monitoring, custom search groups and an advanced search query builder, Sideline works as smooth as it looks. Sideline is the all-new Adobe® AIR™ desktop application from Yahoo. Built with the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI). It allows users to create and group custom queries by topics of interest in a stylish tabbed user interface. Watch a video demonstration…

Sideline – Adobe AIR Application Review from RefreshingApps on Vimeo.

I know what your saying ‘doesn’t tweetdeck do this?’ Well, yes it does but put simply, Yahoo have done it better in my opinion. The user experience feels so much nicer in Sideline! By completely ignoring the main feed of your twitter posts, bucketing your custom searches into bigger groups really feels like you have control over the twitter population, or at least a handle on what you need from it.

The Trends group tab contains a collection of topics currently trending in Twitter, whilst adding your favorite posts to the favorites tab helps you keep an archive of your most interesting posts. By adding your own group tab you can quickly build up a group of custom search terms which is very powerful for keeping an eye on your brand. Click on your search term and take advantage of advanced settings including search by people ‘with a positive attitude’, people ‘asking a question’ or search for posts from one specific person to the next.

Advanced search view of Yahoo Sideline

The disappointing part for me is that it does not sync directly with your twitter account , it’s more of a general monitor software at the moment but that aside (i’m sure the Yahoo developer network will be adding this), you can still link to other twitter profiles and reply to twitters, it just links you to your twitter account in your browser instead.

Syncing with your Twitter account within Sideline would have made this my new marketing monitor for Twitter by far. The user interface is clean and easy to read compared to other services, but i’m not sure how long I want to go back and forth to my browser each time i want to reply to a post!

The neat thing is yahoo made the decision to open source the code so that others can learn from, contribute to, and/or extend the product. There’s more about developing the app on the Yahoo User Interface Blog. The first beta release is out and the code is hosted on github.

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