Yuuguu Skype integration – Much more than a Skype extra

Author: Neil Kay-Jones, Online Support & User Experience Manager

Yuuguu for Skype Beta is the simplest and quickest way to instantly share your screen and collaborate in real time with one or more of your Skype contacts.  Using Yuuguu’s unique INSTANT screen sharing platform, there  is absolutely nothing to download or install for viewers and works for both Windows and Mac skype users.

Skype integration has always been a hot topic request from our users and the ability to aggregate their contacts on all major instant messaging services (Google Talk, MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM and now Skype) in one place. This new release allows Yuuguu users to instant message, perform instant screen sharing and collaborate in real time with colleagues and friends from one unified interface, without the required downloads found in other similar services – only the host needs access to Yuuguu.

Yuuguu users will now benefit from the free and low cost VOIP calling features of Skype, with the free and low cost instant screen sharing, real time collaboration and web conferencing capabilities of Yuuguu. This integration provides a more powerful and much lower cost alternative to existing online meeting and unified communications services.

So many new and existing Yuuguu customers are now taking advantage of this integration launch and we are welcoming all feedback which is looking very positive already on Twitter.

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