We’ve launched Yuuguu Corporate!

Author: Anish Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer

Today is a very special day for the Yuuguu team as we launch Yuuguu Corporate.

We’ve built on our existing services: Yuuguu Free, Yuuguu Plus and Yuuguu Teams to now address the web conferencing needs of larger companies as well as sales teams.   Our new Yuuguu Corporate service provides a simple to use instant web conferencing service, combined with instant messaging and presence to create a real time online collaboration platform.

We’ve aimed to address the issues that our users tell us have inhibited use of web conferencing to date: such as complexity to use, cumbersome scheduling, lack of branding options and cost of licenses.

So what did we do?  We’ve resolved some major irritations including: the need to go to a third party web conferencing provider’s website to host a web conference, complicated call scheduling and annoying participant downloads.  

Through Yuuguu Corporate, web conferences can be started instantly (no participant download) for improved team working or interactive sales calls, and scheduled sessions are easy to set up using any existing calendar such as Outlook, Google or Lotus Notes.  What’s more, users can host web conferences on their own websites as Yuuguu Corporate can be embedded into the host’s website, so allowing sessions to be branded.

With companies entering 2010 still looking for value for money, we’ve created a pricing package to help – we’re fixing costs across your organisation!  Yuuguu Corporate provides an instant web conferencing, instant messaging and presence service, across an organisation and with key partners and suppliers, for less than any of the major players.

Actually, we’re unique in allowing unlimited invited external participants, for no extra charge, so extending collaboration to all the people you need to work with.

We’re really looking forward to your feedback, so get in touch.

And finally a big cheer and thank you to everyone for all the hard work involved in making this happen.  Virtual beers are on me!

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