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Author: Chris Sewart, Chris

The last few weeks have been chaos for many businesses. As a result of the no-fly through Europe, key staff have been stranded away from work, and important client meetings have not happened.

All of this is bad news for your bottom line, so we thought we’d try and give you some good news:

We’ve launched a new section on our website showing how businesses like yours have saved time and money by using Yuuguu – the easy to use, low-cost tool that gets people communicating better. We’ve got testimonials from industries as diverse as Construction, Software, Interactive Media and Call Centres to get you working smarter.

By cutting back on travel, you can claw back some of the sunk costs of the last month. Don’t wait for the airline to reschedule your customer meeting – just hold it on your laptop, using Yuuguu’s voice, text chat, screen sharing and remote control tools.

Find out how Yuuguu can help you save money today.

Got a great story about how Yuuguu has helped your business? Let us know!

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