Yuuguu: Now part of Powwownow

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

Now that the ink has finally dried in various lawyers’ offices, we have some proper news to report today. So much so that I feel like donning a mac and trilby, and standing outside in the Manchester rain with a stick mic to say it. That’s probably just me being a dramatic wannabee reporter. Or Columbo. I’m not sure which.


The news: we have some new owners

We all think this is actually rather splendid news. From a strategic, CEO viewpoint our top-man Anish Kapoor says it like this:


We’re excited to be joining the PowWowNow team. Both companies want the same thing, which is to turn the idea of working together without travel into a practical reality. During our talks, it was clear that we could build on each other’s strengths – and create a truly ‘first choice’ service for web conferencing, collaboration and unified communications. We’re already pretty excited about our initial ideas, and really looking forward to the future.

Which about sums it up. Although I have to say Anish doesn’t normally talk quite as formally when he’s not being badgered into doing Press Releases. He’s from Manchester, and would much rather just get stuff done than flannel the press. But I digress.

As a development team, we had a great night out with Powwownow’s management team in Manchester recently. True enough, we all seem to see things in a pretty similar light. Powwownow have been working hard to make teleconferencing something that becomes a ‘no brainer’ – professional, cheap, no barriers to setting up. And to make it like this for the one person company or multinational alike. Similarly, we’ve spent our time at Yuuguu doing the exact same thing. We want to make it a ‘no brainer’ for people to get their hands dirty on each others’ computers from anywhere across the globe.

Amongst other benefits, Powwownow will certainly bring a talented team of marketers to what we do. That really excited us as developers. Yes, you read that right ‘developers excited by marketing’. But we’ve thought for a while that whilst we work hard to make Yuuguu great, and our word-of-mouth marketing has been a tremendous success, it wouldn’t harm us to blow our own trumpet a little more.

So, a great ending to this week for all of us here at Yuuguu. I think we’ll be seeing some interesting innovations in the product pretty soon.

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