The high flying world of Private Fly

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

It’s always great to meet up with people who are using Yuuguu as a key part of their business. Better still if it is quite an interesting, high-profile business. And if you get to spend a day at an exciting place, with great people, in front of a camera – fantastic!

This is yours truly spending a day with PrivateFly.

Based in St. Albans, PrivateFly link up people who need to fly on private jets with private jets who need to fly people on them. Result. Owners Adam Twidell and Carol Cork explain what they do, and the part Yuuguu plays in their high flying world (sorry – didn’t spot the dreadful pun until I’d typed it. But left it in. Double sorry).

Yuuguu meets Private Fly produced by Greek Bloke Productions.

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