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Business advice: Trust that foot!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Have you ever felt that work was driving you up the wall? Well, it did for us the other day. Literally!

Together with the team from PowWowNow we ventured to a bouldering place at London Bridge. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you see it) yours truly had a compact camera about his person that could take the odd video clip. So, for your delight and delectation:

Video will appear here.

Free business advice: Trust that foot!

And here’s some great and free life/work advice I picked up that day from our trainer: ‘trust that foot’.

There was a very specific moment when I needed to put all my weight on my right foot without having quite enough handgrips to keep me on the wall. It felt simply like I would fall off. I made a few half-hearted attempts to keep hold of the grips I had, and was never really able to move. But there was a small handhold a bit higher. The trick was to simply go for it. Put all your weight on that foot, push yourself up with it, and simply balance during the movement. The next handhold would become in reach before you fell off: ‘Trust that foot’.

It felt great to achieve that little thing. It struck me at the time though just how powerful both fear and encouragement actually are. Just those few words helped me override what my sensible – fearful – mind was saying, and do something that seemed impossible.

It never was. It just needed me to trust that foot.

Amazing what you can do when you will take a risk.

Have fun til next week -
Al ‘Man of Adventure’ Mellor ;)

Apparently we’re hot stuff – or is that you?

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

According to Britain’s Hot Talent 2010 (check page 84. That will be us)Britain's Hot Talent Report - front cover graphic

As the tears artificially well up in my eyes, and I finish thanking my producer, writer, director and mom, it’s nice to note that whilst awards and nominations are feelgood-fun, our business is about you; our dear user.

Like all tools, Yuuguu doesn’t actually do anything in and of itself. It’s some computers on the internet, some clever software for Mac, PC and Linux, and a whole bunch of ones and zeros flying across airwaves and copper.

Except that it isn’t. That picture changes completely when we add you.

Yuuguu helps you book your dream holiday – with confidence.

Yuuguu gets your architect talking to the site foreman, improving your new-build dream home.

Yuuguu gets you help from experts in your field around the globe when you are stuck.

Yuuguu helps you get your new business idea off the ground with low cost, personal sales.

Yuuguu lets your training expertise be heard worldwide. As it should be.

Yuuguu involves your clients in your design, so that they love what you deliver.

So while it’s nice Friday news to be recognised as a company of ‘Hot Talent’, I think the award belongs to you.

Take a bow.

Till next week – have a good one

Yuuguu’s new look and feel

Friday, October 15th, 2010

New look website

Our new blue themed website, with its focus on web conferencing and collaboration

We have a lot of sympathy for the Chilean miners, who were so wonderfully rescued unharmed this week. It must feel utterly amazing to see light again, walk free again, smell fresh air again. One of those things that, plainly, if you weren’t there, you don’t know.

Our far lesser experience here at Yuuguu in the comparatively sunny suburbs of Manchester, UK has also resulted in something emerging: a brand new look and feel for both the Yuuguu website and the Yuuguu Desktop Client. We’re pretty pleased with it. And it does feel like being released from being trapped in a coding-monkey-mineshaft for a good long while.

It’s not all just pretty new graphics, though. We’ve simplified the way you get started using Yuuguu. You now create your account from the Yuuguu website, rather than the desktop client. It’s a subtle change, but it feels better. More people expect to sign up on websites these days, a tribute to how interactive the web has become. Once you download the desktop client, you can now get started straight away with it, as you already have your account.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to explain what it’s all about a bit more clearly. Yuuguu is about web conferencing and collaboration. And we’ve created a snappy little video to show what you see when you use it.

New look Desktop App

Well, be rude not to, wouldn’t it?

We’ve got a whole series of improvements to the desktop app planned, of which this is the first. After listening ( on twitter, and getsatisfaction ) to customers wanting a ‘less clunky’ and more appealing looking interface, we set to work.

Again, the change is a little bit more than just nicer graphics and new colours. Whilst at this point we have only made some minor tweaks to the workflow, we think you’ll like them. One change we have made is to drop the ‘Web Share’ wording completely. Nobody understood it – whereas everyone seems to get ‘web conferencing’. We’ve made that function easier by simply calling the button ‘Start’.

A nice workflow change I think is the tabs for Recent Chats rather than the old style ‘push-down panel’. The tab is at the bottom of the view. This just seems more obvious, and a bit cleaner visually in how it works. It also frees up vertical space.

Currently, the new client is only available to those creating new accounts (from today).

Hope you like it!  Whatever your thoughts – good, bad, indifferent – you know where to find us. And if you don’t, the information is now clearly on our new home page!

Till next time -

Take care from Al

Yuuguu: Officially more popular than Lichtenstein

Monday, October 11th, 2010

According to site Sharenator, Yuuguu is more popular than Lichtenstein.

Well, okay. I’ve taken a bit of artistic license there. Well, a lot, actually.

The site says that according to Alexa traffic stats – estimates – then the Yuuguu web site has more visitors per day than Lichtenstein has people living in it.

This is not exactly the same thing as saying ‘more people come to Yuuguu-land for their holidays as it is such a nice place’. And it turns out Lichtenstein is a nice place. It would appear to contain a picture-perfect Disneyesque castle:

Lichtenstein Castle courtesy of Andreas Tille / Wikimedia Commons

So it’s neither particularly accurate, nor particularly official. And it’s comparing apples with oranges, so to speak. But it did catch my eye as being quite interesting!

The rather splendid photo is courtesy of WikiMedia commons user Andreas Tille. More thanks to Yuuguu’s very own @phillColeman for finding the article.

Too busy? Let yuuguu help!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Ever had one of those days where you’re busy, but people just won’t leave you alone? I sure have.

Here’s how Yuuguu can help.

Video will appear here.