Apparently we’re hot stuff – or is that you?

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

According to Britain’s Hot Talent 2010 (check page 84. That will be us)Britain's Hot Talent Report - front cover graphic

As the tears artificially well up in my eyes, and I finish thanking my producer, writer, director and mom, it’s nice to note that whilst awards and nominations are feelgood-fun, our business is about you; our dear user.

Like all tools, Yuuguu doesn’t actually do anything in and of itself. It’s some computers on the internet, some clever software for Mac, PC and Linux, and a whole bunch of ones and zeros flying across airwaves and copper.

Except that it isn’t. That picture changes completely when we add you.

Yuuguu helps you book your dream holiday – with confidence.

Yuuguu gets your architect talking to the site foreman, improving your new-build dream home.

Yuuguu gets you help from experts in your field around the globe when you are stuck.

Yuuguu helps you get your new business idea off the ground with low cost, personal sales.

Yuuguu lets your training expertise be heard worldwide. As it should be.

Yuuguu involves your clients in your design, so that they love what you deliver.

So while it’s nice Friday news to be recognised as a company of ‘Hot Talent’, I think the award belongs to you.

Take a bow.

Till next week – have a good one

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