Yuuguu: Officially more popular than Lichtenstein

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

According to site Sharenator, Yuuguu is more popular than Lichtenstein.

Well, okay. I’ve taken a bit of artistic license there. Well, a lot, actually.

The site says that according to Alexa traffic stats – estimates – then the Yuuguu web site has more visitors per day than Lichtenstein has people living in it.

This is not exactly the same thing as saying ‘more people come to Yuuguu-land for their holidays as it is such a nice place’. And it turns out Lichtenstein is a nice place. It would appear to contain a picture-perfect Disneyesque castle:

Lichtenstein Castle courtesy of Andreas Tille / Wikimedia Commons

So it’s neither particularly accurate, nor particularly official. And it’s comparing apples with oranges, so to speak. But it did catch my eye as being quite interesting!

The rather splendid photo is courtesy of WikiMedia commons user Andreas Tille. More thanks to Yuuguu’s very own @phillColeman for finding the article.

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