Removing the last barrier to working from home

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

You know the scene …

Yuuguu cut out and keep working from home desk sign

You: Boss – I could really use a work-from-home day next friday, we’ve got some builders coming round. I don’t want them knocking the wrong wall down, so I want to meet them.

Boss: (looks furtively at a spreadsheet that has lines and numbers but no information of any use). Huh?

You: Work from home – next Friday – me!

Boss: Oh that. It’s too difficult. IT have said no.

You: They did say no, that’s true, but then I showed them this Yuuguu thing, remember? Last team meeting? Just works across our firewall out of the box?

Boss: Hmmm, Oh. Yeah. It did, didn’t it. But … errr … it’s too expensive.

You: Unlike your two iPads I see you’ve got there. Anyway … the free trial I talked about?… and did you actually check that pricing page I sent you?

Boss: Oh .. that … ah. Yes. Well. I … well it’s just not that simple, you wouldn’t understand.

You: ( ! )

Boss: I .. errr … The Company … errr …. ‘we’ need to make sure that we could contact you, you know, if anything errr, anything err comes up, unexpectedly.

You: Tada!

And you pull out this handy Cut out and Keep Desk Sign we are giving you AT NO COST!


And leave on your desk, where everyone can see it. The perfect marriage of low tech and high. The perfect compromise between remote work and availability.

At last – the final barrier to remote work at your office removed.

Until next week, At your service pulling down tiresome arguments against remote work -


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