Happy New Year! Here’s to better meetings in 2011

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor


Turns out there is one meeting you absolutely, definitely, positively cannot use Yuuguu for: Christmas Day with friends, family and children opening presents!

Our family had a great time over the break, and whilst we did send the odd Instant Message to each other (really!) it has to be said that even Yuuguu can’t make a Turkey taste good remotely.

But anyway. A very Happy New Year from me (Al) for 2011. All of us here at Yuuguu wish you every success, and hope that we can help in some way with our great-value web conferencing and collaboration tools.

We’ve certainly got a really busy roadmap this year, and if all plans work out, Yuuguu will have some extremely compelling new capabilities by the time I say Happy New Year again for 2012.

Upcoming new release

We have a new release coming out shortly – which will appear on your automatic Yuuguu upgrades, without you having to do anything – and I’ll let you know here and on twitter when it finally escapes QA into the real world. As always, we would love your feedback on it then.

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