New screen sharing – better, faster!

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

If you’ve used Yuuguu to share your screen, you’ll know that an image like this nice one I took this evening would give you a dilemma: Use our fast mode – but get posterised colours – or use our slow mode, if you wanted to see the image correctly. And who wants to be slow?

No more!

Launched today, we have an entirely new screen sharing technology. It’s an optimised codec that is optimised for speed, mouse movement and picture quality. A codec (coder/decoder), for those less geeky than our development team, is the piece of software which squashes your picture down the internet to make it get there faster, then unsquashes it at the other end. Our previous one was generally good – and fantastic for sharp text – but … well. We thought we should do even better. So we have!

Better Mouse Movement

The first thing we’ve done is to give you the mouse pointer. We used to show a ‘laser pointer’ red dot during a screen share to show where the ‘other’ mouse was – the mouse on the host’s computer. Quite a few people have told us they wanted to see a mouse pointer, not a red dot, so we changed that.

More importantly, the mouse updates much faster. As your host moves their mouse, you will see it on your screen share in near real time. It is *much* faster than we had before, due to a fundamentally different – and rather clever – way of handling the mouse movement.

Better Images

Our new codec squashes pictures differently. It is much better at dealing with lots of different colours than our old one for any given speed of screen sharing. The images look much more ‘photographic’ at any of our quality levels.

Faster Start Up

My personal favourite new feature – when you click ‘share my screen’, the time delay before your viewers can see the first screen has been massively reduced. It’s just much slicker for those important presentations.

Better Default Quality

We now have three settings for colour/speed. The new default is ‘medium’ which shares the screen at about the same speed as we used to, but with much better quality and many more colours. There is both a ‘more colours’ and ‘less colours’ setting. My favourite personally is to go into the settings panel, and set the default to ‘fastest’. I find that gives me all the colours and quality I need, but the sharing is really much quicker than it used to be.

This new technology is available now to everybody who tries or buys Yuuguu from our website. With our seven day free trial, it really does make sense to check this out.

Until next week -

Happy Improved Sharing!


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