Sorry to hear of DimDim’s demise, welcome new Yuuguu customers!

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

Bad news

Interesting industry news this week has been that has acquired DimDim. Apparently existing contracts will be honoured, but no new DimDim customers will be taken.

On a personal note, if this means job losses (I don’t know) then my sincere condolences. That’s never easy on the people and families involved. We always thought DimDim were pretty worthy competitors in the overall scheme of things.

If you’ve followed Yuuguu on twitter for any length of time, you’ll know that we don’t do that awful trick of trying to persuade our competitor’s customers to use our service instead. We’re pretty happy about standing on our own two feet.

All the ‘screen sharing’ service providers – when you get into details – actually target different customers. Yuuguu is particularly good at Business Collaboration, and, increasingly, Unified Communications. Some of our work – like how we integrate one-click, browser-based group screen sharing into Skype is pretty innovative, as well as being useful. I digress. So you will never have seen the statement ‘DimDim people come to Yuuguu’ … errr, until you just read it then. Not our style, thank you very much.

Good news

But equally, it has been a pleasure for me personally to talk to a lot of new Yuuguu customers this week. Certainly, it seems that for a good deal of people, changing to Yuuguu has resulted in considerable cost saving (just £59/$79 for a full year!). Many people also like our simple, easy to use, just-works-without-complicated-setup ethos as well.

So my personal thanks for your time and trust in checking us out.

Even better news!

And you couldn’t have picked a better time. We’re close to a fairly major new release which will definitely delight our existing customers (definitely…) as well as our latest users. Our roadmap for 2011, following our own acquistion by Conference Calling company Powwownow is pretty exciting. Can’t say too much, but definite moves towards better integrated Unified Communications to come.

Should be a good year.

Do keep in touch …

To all our new found friends, we like to keep in touch, so make sure you:

And always remember we’re here to build the best collaboration/conferencing product there is, so all your feedback is most warmly welcomed.

Oh yes. And don’t forget to subscribe to this blog ;-)

Until next time
A warmest welcome from Al Mellor

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