Yuuguu goes mobile on Android tablets

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

Yuuguu’s gone all mobile!

Yuuguu Web Viewer on an Android powered Tablet

A great picture sent in to us of the Yuuguu Web Viewer running on an Android tablet.

We’ve been somewhat pained by Apple’s decision to not use Flash technology on their iPad and iPhone products, as this means our web browser based screen sharing doesn’t work. And the whole point of us picking Flash in the first place is that 98% of all browsers at the time already had it installed. So for most people, this meant no downloads to use our web viewer. A big win for sales calls, where any obstacles beyond those of getting you and your offerings in front of a potential customer are just not needed.

But this photo cheered me back up again. If you have an Android based tablet device, you now can truly collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world – from anywhere in the world!

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