Five reasons for employers to love remote work

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

We’ve talked about the benefits of being a home worker before. But what about the benefits as an employer?

1. No heating bill

In these times of soaring oil prices ($110 a barrel), offices literally burn money. At least they do if you want people to actually turn up and work in them. The charm of a freezing office is distinctly limited.

The heating bill of any mid to large organisation is a significant line item.  Any reduction would be nice.

One way is definitely to encourage staff to work from home from time to time. Generally speaking, staff are happy enough with this that they won’t claim heating costs back on expenses. As each seat in your office spends more time each year working at home, such savings can add up.

2. No office equipment bill

Hiring new staff is expensive at the best of times. The whole search and selection process costs soon mount up. And once you’ve hired – your costs have only just begun. High up on the agenda will be ensuring dull-but-essential items like desks, chairs, lights are made available.

Home working staff will already have a place to work. It will already have these kinds of items in, representing a big capital saving.

3. No tea and coffee bill

Perhaps it’s just me and *my* tea and coffee bill – but trust me; it adds up …

4. No sickness epidemics

‘Oh No – John’s got the flu!’

Dreaded words. In the bacteria-harbouring confines of the office, when one goes down, we all go down.

Home workers have their own built-in isolation ward from each other, limiting the spread of the dreaded ‘office lurg’.

5. No cleaning

At least you as an employer don’t have to organise it!

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