Microsoft and Skype: Our insightful analysis

Author: Alan Mellor, almellor

Microsoft consume Skype: 80's retro games, anyone?So, the company that put a computer into everyone’s home has bought the company that put computer telephony on the map. The pundits and general chattering classes have been suitably busy telling us what it all means.

We thought we would present our in-depth, definitive, you-can-count-on-us analysis.

And that would be the graphic to the left.

Now, I’ll give you, this is nowhere near as juicy as the UK’s Financial Times – who reckoned it was Microsoft’s power-play to finally wrestle control of ‘the consumer internet’ from the likes of Google, Facebook and wherever else eyeballs go these days. Nor is it quite as impassioned as this one from a disillusioned microsoft share holder.

But at least it doesn’t over-promise a look into the future.

Back in Yuuguu Towers, we don’t need selling on the benefits of getting all your different forms of work-together communication in one place. And this deal shows that a couple of IT giants appear to think the same way. Which is nice.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what all this means for you – why not avoid the wait, and get your copy of Yuuguu today!


All the best from Al.

ps Don’t worry – I won’t be applying for a job at Gartner anytime soon !

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