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7 tips for creating awesome online meeting backgrounds

Monday, April 30th, 2012

We think of branded online meeting log-in screens as another way to push your marketing messages to a receptive audience.

Participants at your screen sharing log-in page have already committed to seeing what you have to show, so this is an ideal opportunity to promote your brand or provide tailored messages before the meeting even starts.

While the Yuuguu default online meeting background is clean and offers a range of colours, with a little additional creativity, online meeting hosts can make their meetings stand out, so here are some tips to make the most of your branded online meeting:

1. Be creative
The more original, creative and distinctive your background image is, the more likely it is to be memorable. Experiment with eye-catching, personalised illustrations, images and typography. Think about creating a meeting background image that isn’t generic and has an unusual twist. Your meeting participants will appreciate it.

2. Keep branding consistent
We all know about how important it is to have a clear and strong brand, whether you’re a freelancer or an SME. It is important to keep the consistency of your brand’s image throughout your contact with prospects, clients, suppliers and existing team members. One way to keep your branding consistent is to use your company’s colour schemes in your background.

3. Make a big deal out of your logo
Adding your logo in your online meeting background will make your meeting fit with other branded places, such as your website, offices, or social media profiles.

4. Share new information
Your background space is a great way to share a little more information about your company or presentation. This helps meeting participants to get excited about the upcoming meeting.

5. Share information in a memorable way
Arrange elements in your meeting background in a unique and memorable way, showcasing information that is important to you and your viewers.

6. Show off your personality
This is great for designers or freelancers. For instance, share your personality through a quirky image.

7. Design for all screens
Online meetings may run on PCs, Macs, Linux or ioS, so consider a design that will look good on all devices.

Update: Yuuguu introduces branded screen sharing

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

We’ve made customised online meetings really easy. Now meeting hosts can maximise branding investment and keep participants on their own website or blog.

Our new branded screen sharing service enables the quick and easy creation of bespoke log-in pages, which can be embedded and hosted on a meeting host’s website, blog or intranet.

Users can customise screen sharing with logos, styles and backgrounds. For companies with multiple brands or departments, different skins can be created to promote specific marketing messages.
This controlled environment is useful for regular or ad-hoc users, supporting outbound sales calls, training or inbound support queries. Customised screen sharing benefits a wide range of hosts including:

Sales people – drive prospects directly to a branded meeting page. The page can provide the key messages a sales person needs to support sales, a product’s USPs, or even a personal message for a prospect.
Marketers – launch webinars directly from a company’s own web site, giving marketers the ability to reinforce campaign messages before a meeting starts, and steer participants to particular landing pages on completion of the session.
Bloggers – increase blog traffic by running live discussion and debate sessions using embedded screen sharing and Yuuguu’s free audio conferencing service. At the end of the session return attendees to another page on a blog to encourage more engagement.
Remote support technicians – create a page which tells customers how to get support, in language that is easy to understand. Customers can start the support session direct from that page.

Branded embedded Yuuguu is available to all customers at no additional cost.

For more information or a free trial, please visit:

Video – embed and customise a screen sharing log-in page

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

See how easy it is to create a customised screen sharing experience by embedding Yuuguu into a website or in this case a WordPress blog.

To learn more about embedded screen sharing visit our Branding page

How I got back some Facebook privacy using Yuuguu

Friday, February 4th, 2011

You’ve got to marvel at Facebook. They are never short of new ways to broadcast all the parts of your life you forgot to label as ‘private’. Their latest creation ‘Instant Personalisation’ is more of the same.

You’ll know that Facebook has an enormous amount of personal information on you. You put most – but not all – of it there. Name, address, date of birth, photo, mobile phone are the obvious ones.

But it’s the less obvious stuff that is more revealing, and a surprise to many. Who you talk with. When. How often. What you say. Photos – both yours, and ones taken by others who tag you. Videos. Every status update you every read, wrote or commented on. Every comment. Every chat message. Every like. Every group you joined, created or just viewed. With Facebook Places, you can add to this list where you were, when, for how long, and who with.

That’s quite a list

So, whilst I like Facebook and use it a lot, it seemed clear that opting out of this particular ‘spyware’ was the right choice for me. And hat-tip to old friend of mine Jean Labrosse for supplying the how to (at end of this post!)

But there’s a snag: you need your friends to opt out, too

It’s not obvious why at first. But when I send you a message, you also receive it. So, whether I opt out or not, if you don’t, then the fact that you received a message from me (when, what it said etc) has your permission to be sent to third parties.

Helping your friends – with Yuuguu

You have to start somewhere, so I helped my wife opt out using Yuuguu. Whilst the steps are not hard, we were on different laptops in different places. This is exactly the kind of remote support job Yuuguu excels at! This might help you explain the steps, too, if you have friends who are having trouble doing this.

To help your friends, get them to share their screen with you using Yuuguu. You can then either talk them through the steps, just reviewing they are doing it right. Or you can ask to take control of their keyboard and mouse and do it for them.

The simplest way to get someone else started like this is for you to donwload the Yuuguu Desktop Client yourself, and then invite them to Yuuguu. This way, they will get an email with a link to click on. This will take them to the download, and get them linked up to you in no time.

How to opt out of Facebook Instant Personalisation

  • Click ‘Account’
  • Click ‘Privacy Settings’
  • Under ‘Apps & Websites’ click ‘Edit your settings’
  • At the right of ‘Instant Personalisation’ click ‘Edit settings’
  • Don’t get distracted by the flashy video: Click ‘Close’
  • Uncheck ‘Enable instant personalisation on partner websites’

Till next week from me, Al – have a good one.

Too busy? Let yuuguu help!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Ever had one of those days where you’re busy, but people just won’t leave you alone? I sure have.

Here’s how Yuuguu can help.

Video will appear here.