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Yuuguu’s international appeal

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

One of the things I love about Yuuguu is its popularity all over the world.  It’s no surprise that we have significant users from North America, where web conferencing is most widely used, as well as the UK where we are based.  (That is, if you can say we’re based anywhere – we are a virtual company and have people in Spain, Germany and the US, as well as the UK).  

I often look at our stats to see international usage patterns.  The fastest growing Yuuguu network groups are in India and Mexico.  And much of our usage crosses borders – we have an interesting case study of a translations company who uses Yuuguu to collaborate on projects across the globe. 

India leads the charge

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

A look at ‘screen sharing’ on Google Trends shows some interesting results.  Unsurprisingly, searches for screen sharing have risen hugely in the last twelve months.  What did surprise me is that India tops the list of countries searching on that topic. 

At Yuuguu we love the fact that we are helping to connect people all over the world, so that they can work more effectively together from different locations.  And we have quite a following in India – it’s the fifth largest user country for us. 

If you are a Yuuguu user and live in India, or work with someone who does, please get in touch and tell us how you are making use of the service – we’d love to hear your story and any suggestions about how you would like us to develop it further for your needs.