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Yuuguu as a remote support tool

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Yuuguu is a tool with a broad range of uses, so it’s no surprise that people are using it in ways we hadn’t anticipated.  A popular use of the tool is for remote support – helping people with some kind of technical issue when they are in a different location.  We didn’t build the tool for this purpose, but people are finding Yuuguu to be a really useful service for this scenario.

If you are involved in support with your business, or are one of those people (like me) who is often asked by relatives to help with their home computer, check out our guide ‘How to use Yuuguu for Support‘.  We also have a case study of a company using Yuuguu to help clients with technical issues, saving them time, money and staying true to their green principles by avoiding unnecessary travel.

A smaller carbon footprint

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Desktop events company BroadView has published a report showing how delegates at a conference broadcast from New Orleans saved an average of 3.7 tonnes of Co2 each, by not attending the event in person.

It’s not just big events with attendees from all over the world where reducing travel helps the environment. At Yuuguu, we’re seeing how our customers are reducing their everyday carbon footprint, by collaborating online rather than travelling for face-to-face meetings.  A great example is this case study of Remote New Media, who use Yuuguu as a support tool for their customers.  Our remote desktop sharing and control features have allowed the company to improve its customer offering while supporting their environmental approach to business.