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7 tips for creating awesome online meeting backgrounds

Monday, April 30th, 2012

We think of branded online meeting log-in screens as another way to push your marketing messages to a receptive audience.

Participants at your screen sharing log-in page have already committed to seeing what you have to show, so this is an ideal opportunity to promote your brand or provide tailored messages before the meeting even starts.

While the Yuuguu default online meeting background is clean and offers a range of colours, with a little additional creativity, online meeting hosts can make their meetings stand out, so here are some tips to make the most of your branded online meeting:

1. Be creative
The more original, creative and distinctive your background image is, the more likely it is to be memorable. Experiment with eye-catching, personalised illustrations, images and typography. Think about creating a meeting background image that isn’t generic and has an unusual twist. Your meeting participants will appreciate it.

2. Keep branding consistent
We all know about how important it is to have a clear and strong brand, whether you’re a freelancer or an SME. It is important to keep the consistency of your brand’s image throughout your contact with prospects, clients, suppliers and existing team members. One way to keep your branding consistent is to use your company’s colour schemes in your background.

3. Make a big deal out of your logo
Adding your logo in your online meeting background will make your meeting fit with other branded places, such as your website, offices, or social media profiles.

4. Share new information
Your background space is a great way to share a little more information about your company or presentation. This helps meeting participants to get excited about the upcoming meeting.

5. Share information in a memorable way
Arrange elements in your meeting background in a unique and memorable way, showcasing information that is important to you and your viewers.

6. Show off your personality
This is great for designers or freelancers. For instance, share your personality through a quirky image.

7. Design for all screens
Online meetings may run on PCs, Macs, Linux or ioS, so consider a design that will look good on all devices.

India leads the charge

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

A look at ‘screen sharing’ on Google Trends shows some interesting results.  Unsurprisingly, searches for screen sharing have risen hugely in the last twelve months.  What did surprise me is that India tops the list of countries searching on that topic. 

At Yuuguu we love the fact that we are helping to connect people all over the world, so that they can work more effectively together from different locations.  And we have quite a following in India – it’s the fifth largest user country for us. 

If you are a Yuuguu user and live in India, or work with someone who does, please get in touch and tell us how you are making use of the service – we’d love to hear your story and any suggestions about how you would like us to develop it further for your needs.