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You could save £billions, apparently

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

By not sitting by your log fire and watching the economy crash and burn. No, this is not a rant against the top bankers following yesterdays mea culpa – but something guaranteed an equally frosty reception. Snow. And apparently, says The Times, this snow will cost our economy: about three billion pounds so the estimate went.

Now, if you live in very chilly countries, like Iceland (sorry, banks again) or Alaska (whose governor’s name we now know) you’ll be fine with snow. It’s just pretty, fluffy, cold white stuff that doesn’t really seem to affect life too much. Snow chains on the 4 x 4 and away you go. Hard to see it raising an eyebrow, let alone costing the GDP of a small country.

Not so in good old Blighty. One inch of snow in 24 hours reduces us to our knees. Everything stops. Schools close. Public transport stops running. Offices empty faster than at 5.00pm on a friday. The strangest news I heard was that trains on the London Underground had been cancelled. You would think the clue was in the name: surely underground is a fairly snow-free place?

Anyway. When it snows, you don’t want to be part of that statistic: you don’t want it to be your business losing revenue.

There are plenty of ways of losing money if people cannot travel. Teams can be unable to meet up, so decisions are delayed and opportunities lost. Sales presentations get cancelled, giving a foothold to competitors or plain old buyer apathy. Staff cannot get together to collaborate in their project teams, meaning missed deadlines.

Whilst a few companies are set up for home based working, the greater number I’ve ever worked for were not. So something like snow stopping travel takes them completely by surprise. Equally, if you sat down and budgeted for this, it would not make any sense at all to invest heavily in home working technology ‘just in case’ it snowed.

Where I’ve found Yuuguu to be fantastic is that it’s free to get started and needs no pre-planning. You download it from our site, run the very easy installer – and you’re back on with your sales presentations or team work or whatever. It is pre-configured to go through most company firewalls, so you don’t even need to hassle the IT department.

So when it snows again, don’t stress about travel problems. Download Yuuguu – and just carry on, using just your laptop and home broadband connection.

And don’t let snow meltdown your revenues! (sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll get my coat)