NOTICE: The Yuuguu service will be closing on 31st May. Contact for other available products.

Better project communication

Work together, like you're sat together

Yuuguu helps you solve project issues
quickly and easily, without travelling.
Wherever your team are, you can
share ideas and come up with solutions
to keep projects on track...

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remote team working video

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How Yuuguu helps you work together...

Manage your project as though you were all in the office

See if people are around

Don't waste time wondering if your colleagues are around, with Yuuguu's presence technology you can clearly see if people are available or not.

Stay on the same page

Forget having to explain exactly what you're looking at, just show them with Yuuguu's great screen sharing; leaving you to get on with the important stuff.

Organise your next meeting

Have the same meeting each week? With Yuuguu scheduling you can easily populate your calendars for future meetings.

Get answers quickly

Yuuguu keeps it simple to get quick answers. Business class instant messaging is great for when a phone call is not possible.

Yuuguu remote team working software image

Free calling

Saving money on projects is more crucial than ever, so Yuuguu has free VOIP and audio conferencing built right in.

Work on the move

Work together even when people are out of the office or on site. Yuuguu works from mobile phones and tablets as well.

Get everyone involved

Unlimited use means you can get all your subcontractors, advisers and clients on board. No more waiting around for decisions.

How does it work?

All the tools you need to communicate better

Screen sharing

Share your screen with your team and clients no matter where they are.

Business chat

Quickly send a chat message rather than disturb your teammates workflow.


In-built VOIP (beta) and audio services that get you talking through projects.


Work together even when people are not at their desk, or away from the office.


Schedule future meetings with ease and populate your teams calendars.


Easily see whether your team are about or not, without wasting time.

What does it cost?

Pays for itself by reducing travel costs and saving time