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Windows XP Firewall Configuration

Step One

Open the control panel and select the Security Centre.

Windows XP Control Panel

Step Two

Select Manage Security Setting for the Windows Firewall.

Windows XP Security Settings

Step Three

Select the Exceptions Tab and then click Add Program.

Windows XP Exceptions Tab

Step Four

Select Browse - this should open your Program Files directory. From here open the Yuuguu directory. Note if your Yuuguu directory is in a different place, you will need to navigate to that location. It is possible, it has been installed in Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data.

Windows XP Add a Program

Step Five

Select Yuuguu.exe and click Open. If Yuuguu.exe isn't present then you are running an older client. For more instructions, click here.

Windows XP Locate Yuuguu

Step Six

Yuuguu.exe will now have been added to your Firewall exception list. Click OK to finish.

Windows XP Done