NOTICE: The Yuuguu service will be closing on 31st May. Contact for other available products.

What is Yuuguu?

Yuuguu is great for web conferencing and screen sharing. Yuuguu gives you so much. Screen sharing, so you can present your ideas. Audio conferencing, so you can talk it through together. Remote control, so you can make changes instantly.

Imagine being in a conference room. You have a projector to show the group what's on your computer screen. You discuss it. You might make changes as you go.

Now imagine that group isn't in the same room. They are spread out across your office, your company, even the globe.

Yuuguu doesn't need an IT genius to set up. Install our little App, and your Web conference can get started within minutes. Better yet, your viewers only need a web browser to join in!

It makes sense for your bottom line, too. Try the most affordable, high quality web conferencing service free - your first seven days are on us!

Great Features

Web viewer for participants
Absolutely nothing to download or install for your session participants. They can view your screen in real time, using a standard web browser. Ideal for web conferencing and sales demonstrations, where a download is a major roadblock.

High quality images
Great color depth and quality is built in as standard. For times when you want to blow your viewers away, you can switch to full color mode - and use 16 million colors to immerse your viewers.

Viewers join instantly
There is nothing worse that waiting around - so our unique technology allows your viewers to instantly see your screen when they join your session and you are on air.

Network speed detection
If there are any problems with your participants internet connections - you'll be the first to know. Yuuguu has a unique speed detection technology, to let you know when to slow down.

Calendar integration
Scheduling sessions is a breeze - Yuuguu will connect to your existing calendar package and automatically set up a new event with all the details you need. All you need to do is press send.

Custom branding
Host meetings from your own website.
Your branding, your message!
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