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Host meetings from your own website

Your branding, your message!
Yuuguu Widgets
It's really easy - just select the color scheme you want and paste the javascript into your web site or blog.
Advanced users - you can manually change color schemes and also the return URL after the session, click on 'Advanced options'

Choose your theme

Grey Widget
Blue Widget
Red Widget
Green Widget
Advanced options
When the session ends:

Copy and paste this code into your website

You'll need to have a Yuuguu account, and have Yuuguu installed
to use your widget. See below.
Want to get started but not got an account?
Sign up in minutes and start hosting your own branded meetings
If you do not already have a Yuuguu account, you can create one here. Click on the 'Sign up' button, then follow the instructions to download and install Yuuguu.

You will then need to return to this page and create your own widget above and copy and paste the code into the website page you wish to direct your attendees to.
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